Hello Ed,

   My name is Shannon Hodge and I am a French teacher at Bellefontaine High School in Ohio, and I have just recently signed up for FPUSA membership through the Zanesfield Pétanque Club.  I am writing to you today to let you and the Federation know that my students and I are extremely grateful for the efforts that you have made to increase pétanque awareness in the United States.  
   Yesterday, thirty-five of my students were able to participate in the Marco Foyot tour at the Zanesfield Pétanque Club.  It was an amazing experience for them, and Marco put on an incredible clinic.  My students started playing at the ZPC last April after being invited by club president, Justin Bo Johns.  They have really taken an interest in the sport, and yesterday Marco fueled their passion by impressing them with his skill and charisma.  
   Twenty of these students have already filled out applications for FPUSA membership through the Zanesfield Petanque Club, and I believe that many more will follow suit.  The students’ enthusiasm has been contagious, and parents, teachers, principals, and community members have all expressed their gratitude for allowing our youth to take part in such a memorable event. 
   The students are already asking if they will get to see Marco again next year in Zanesfield.  I truly believe that having the opportunity to interact with a player of Marco’s caliber had and will continue to have a tremendous impact on the awareness of the sport and will increase membership in the FPUSA.  
   I commend you for organizing this incredible event and I hope that the FPUSA will continue to sponsor tours such as this, especially with someone as personable, knowledgeable, and unforgettable as Marco Foyot.
Shannon Hodge
French Teacher
Bellefontaine High School
Bellefontaine, Ohio


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