So far only one club has indicated that their reservations for clinics is going well and they are nearly up to the maximum that they can accommodate. Lets hear from you about how your clinic reservations are going. Send us a comment...

09/16/2013 6:08pm

So far only two people have indicated that they would like to do a clinic at Lamorinda Petanque Club: one lady and our only junior member.

09/17/2013 7:02am

Are you able to provide more details about all the clinics? What time to they all start, etc? Thanks...

09/17/2013 10:55am

An explanation of what is likely to be included in Marco Foyot Clinics is on the page 'Petanque Clinics' on the Marco Foyot Tour website.

An explanation of the organisation and times is included as well. If you have any further questions about specific clubs and what they have in mind for their clinics, please go to the page 'Register for Clinics and contact the club in question.

09/20/2013 10:22pm

The Lamorinda Petanque Club clinic times have been posted on the page

Skip Montoya
09/20/2013 10:09am

I'm very excited for the Marco Foyot clinic in Albuquerque NM. I've signed up and can't wait!!

09/20/2013 10:26pm

I am sure that you will enjoy the day!


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